Take the Guesswork out of Communication

A strategic communications advisory for cause-driven leaders

✓ Tell Your Story

✓ Activate Your Audience

✓ Unite Your Team

Has articulating your vision

become a daily frustration?

Do you feel like....

The audiences you are trying to reach aren't getting the message?

You’re watching other organizations beat you at your own cause?

Your team's contributions aren’t getting you closer to the big picture?

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Tell Your Story

You’ll know what to say, when to say it, and who you’re saying it to. And when things are that clear, everyone wins.

Activate Your Audience

When you speak to your audience on a personal level, your audience begins to see themselves in your story - leading to one of the most critical things you need: intentional involvement.

Unite Your Team

Imagine your entire orgnanization working from the same plan. Plus you’ll have systems in place to give your team direction while they’re doing the hard work of executing on your vision.

Bring Your Vision To Life


See the mission you've worked so hard to mobilize come to life

It’s frustrating when you can’t get others to see the vision that you care so deeply about.

For over a decade I’ve worked side-by-side with non-profit leaders, CEO’s and members of Congress to deliver clarity, structure and guidance by developing a strategic communication plan. I have created a plan that activates their cause, creative assets and even their communications team.

 And I’d love to do the same for you.

“We benefited from Monique’s expertise by

leveraging her communication plan, which allowed us to consider how we needed to connect with our community and prepare effectively!”

- Anita Shannon,

  Casey Family Programs Senior Director

Your vision may feel within reach

but it's difficult to pull off on your own


Get the Help You Need


1. Connect with Me

We'll talk, discuss your goals, and see if I'm the right

expert to take the guesswork out of your


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2. Build a New Approach

Working together, we’ll find the gaps in what you’re

doing now. Then we’ll build a new, unified approach so you and your team can broadcast your story to the world.


3. Change the World

With a clear, coordinated communication plan, your team will rally around your vision, your audience will resonate with your message, and you’ll see the impact you’ve worked so hard to drive.

We Love Our Clients

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“In this fast-paced, demanding field, Monique helps me and my team plan our communication approach thoughtfully.”

—    Lauren Underwood,

 Congresswoman (D-IL)


If you're tired of being overlooked by the people that matter

Then schedule a call today

We'll take the guesswork out of communication so you can change the world.


Stick To The Plan

This interactive ebook will teach you how to develop, perfect and most importantly - Stick To The Plan.