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When the Entire Team Masters Sticking to the Plan

The Office on Racial Equality recently rolled out the District’s first-ever racial equity action plan. Under the incredible leadership of my client Dr. Hewitt, this office was prepared LONG before their Administration tapped them for a formal announcement! While everyone else struggled to prepare, this team had worked with me months ago on a seamless communication strategy that allowed them to confidently cross the finish line!

As I continued to guide them through the nuances of their rollout, here's what

Dr. Hewitt and her team shared they were able to accomplish:

💪🏾thoughtfully execute their announcement without scrambling

💪🏾collaborate with other leaders to validate their impact

💪🏾remain agile while prepared to navigate uncertainty

Congrats to the entire team on sticking to the plan!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

The photo below was taken last Summer as we worked through their strategy giving them the long-term ability to tell their story, activate key audiences and unite their team.

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