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Benefits from a Bird's-Eye View

I've always loved the view point from a tall rooftop or an airplane. Why? Because it gives me an expansive vantage point I would never get on the ground!

When you look at this view what do you see? It’s more than a beautiful skyline. Developing a strategy has everything to do with your viewpoint!

This view from my client’s office inspired me to reflect on its advantages:

  1. preparation: look ahead and see what’s coming

  2. cohesion: stay connected to the bigger picture

  3. direction: gain clarity to develop your strategy

The next time you get a view like this one, remember to consider these benefits!

"Working with Monique has really helped to crystalize my vision. I'm inspired every week we talk to keep pushing as she puts words to the actions."

- Calvin Souder, Founding Member, SSW Law Group

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